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Mayka Skincare™

Renew Set - Set for Mature Skin

Renew Set - Set for Mature Skin

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A set of Mayka cosmetics for mature skin that requires nourishment, hydration, protection, elasticity and smoothing.

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    You'll never run out of your favorite Mayka anti-aging cosmetics. Slow down the ticking of the clock with our range of deeply moisturizing, repairing and smoothing products, including Strawberry Serum, Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer, Retinol Regenerating Night Serum and Magic Eyes Brightening and Smoothing Cream. Plus a few extra basics, including mild tangerine and neroli soap, rich apple cleansing oil, and SOS calendula and avocado balm. Enjoy free shipping and over 30% savings.

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